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London born B Munro is an exciting raw talent whose captivating music truly speaks for itself.


Her authentic style and personality is instantly brought to the fore front through her conversational lyrics, thought provoking and personal, encased with soulful melodies sung from her powerhouse of a vocal range.

Influences from many different backgrounds, rnb flares inspired by Lauryn Hill and Badu with the grit of Zeppelin and the songwriting inspiration of Joni Mitchell. Marrying the old with the new gives B's music an interesting edge.

Debut single Holy Water, co written with Louis Dunford with production from Harry Tarlton is a gritty pop song with catchy hooks and a strong message running through its core. Relating to her own personal experiences, B wants the individual to take what they want from her music and relate how ever comes naturally. 'Each song is open to interpretation and others may find in a song what I am yet to find myself.'

B is also a songwriter for othher artists and has worked closely on Mo Brandis' last 2 EPs including a feature on HAZMO's 'Dont Talk About It;'


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